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Indoor Air Quality Has Never Been More Important

Since the early 1950’s Canadian General Filter’s primary focus has been on the development of indoor air quality (IAQ) products for residential use. Our family of IAQ products work to ensure the structural integrity of your home, while providing healthy air for you, your family and your pets. This means air that is pure, free of harmful particulates, germs, POCS’s, mold, mildew, viruses and pathogens.

Our humidity control products help to reduce colds, flu, and virtually all harmful viruses. Energy and Heat Recovery Ventilators continuously inject fresh air into your home, while taking contaminants outdoors. Our air cleaners remove harmful particulates that damage your health. In short, we have you covered from a health perspective. Did you realize you have this much control over the environment you provide for your family?

As a company, we have been dedicated to the health of Canadian families everyday for over 80 years. During this historically challenging time, the demand for our products is higher than ever and we have responded by increasing our production capacity. We are proud of the improved sense of well-being and protection our products provide to families across Canada. To serve you further, we have provided a series of resources to help you & your families navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic.